Below is a detailed overview of the configuration options available, allowing you to adjust OpenLIT’s behavior and functionality to align with your specific observability needs:

ArgumentDescriptionDefault Value
environmentThe deployment environment of the application."default"
application_nameIdentifies the name of your application."default"
tracerAn instance of OpenTelemetry Tracer for tracing operations.None
meterAn OpenTelemetry Metrics instance for capturing metrics.None
otlp_endpointSpecifies the OTLP endpoint for transmitting telemetry data.None
otlp_headersDefines headers for the OTLP exporter, useful for backends requiring authentication.None
disable_batchA flag to disable batch span processing, favoring immediate dispatch.False
trace_contentEnables tracing of content for deeper insights.True
disabled_instrumentorsList of instrumentors to disable.None
disable_metricsIf set, disables the collection of metrics.False
pricing_jsonURL or file path of the pricing JSON file.
collect_gpu_statsFlag to enable or disable GPU metrics collection.False